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Workshop Level 1

Living instead of Surviving - in our Relationships– Level 1 (2 ½ days)  (Based on her book: You Can Make it Happen; How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships)

You are welcome to taking part in a workshop for individuals and couples where the dynamic between the “latest” in Imago Relationship therapy, mental training, mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology. IPNB becomes alive.

Eva and Sven Berlander, married since 1993 and workshop leaders for many, many couples will inspire you how you can be your own and your partner’s best friend. In a warm and safe environment, you will learn about how to talk about your needs, dissolve deep-rooted conflicts and transform/change daily squabbles into expressions of wishes. In this way, you will regain the relaxed calm, playfulness and warm connection with your partner. You will learn all about the importance of limbic resonance, differentiation and linkage and how we can really learn to listen to each other. You will also get a clear picture of how those qualities that first attracted you to your partner are the qualities that now drive you mad!

Best of all, the two of you will discover your own and each other’s essence and regain the ingenious in your relationship!! Whether you are in a stable or a negative, bewildering relationship, a relationship about to split or already separated- ”Living instead of surviving – in our Relationships” level 1, is a tremendous gift enabling understanding, inspiration and transformation.

The workshop is even beneficial for those of you who are single and choose to go to the weekend workshop with a close friend or colleague. The weekend often contributes to creating opportunities for conscious and loving relationships. Many also choose to attend with the aim to better their knowledge of communication in their professional lives. The weekend is an excellent alternative to traditional family counselling and couples therapy.

A great way to start this exciting journey is to read Eva Berlanders book: “You Can Make it Happen: How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships” or in Swedish: “Att leva istället för att överleva ; medveten dialog ger kärleken en chans”




Included in the contents:

•How we can learn to understand our own reactions, calm our nervous system and be the person we want to be.

•What ”limbic resonance” is and how it can help us to create loving relationships.

•How to ”survive” infidelity in a relationship.

•Why it doesn’t help to talk about the problem

•How to create security, trust, compassion and empathy.

•How we can really communicate and learn to ”cross the bridge” to both ourselves and to each other.

•How we can use conflicts to develop and create new ”nerve pathways”.

•How we can use information about earlier experiences in our life to push our relationship forward.

•How we can inspire ourselves to calm our own nervous systems so that we can consciously choose.

•How we can regain the happiness and romance in our relationship.

•How we can, during a divorce, understand more of what has happened to us.

•How important integration is, if change is to occur.

•How we can start to really LIVE instead of just survive, both in our relationships and in our Life.

Thousands of couples in different countries have now used this workshop as a map on their Journey into being fully alive and experience intimacy. The weekend is comparable to many hours of therapy.

Both couples and singles are touched by these two colourful, warm and energetic personalities. Eva and Sven create a special atmosphere in all their workshop experiences.

Elsa Gottfridsson joins them as an assistant.  She is a warm, empathic, knowledgeable and very calm person. She is an educated therapist and also takes on couples if time allows.

Everything that is said is confidential.

Even though as couples, you are part of a bigger group, for lectures and demonstrations, you only ”work” individually or with your partner/friend. This is so you can feel safe throughout the whole workshop. All the demonstrations are voluntary.

Workshops are for those who:

•Have a good relationship that want an even better one

•Are in the beginning of a relationship that you want to make lasting

•Are living in a difficult relationship and want to resolve serious conflicts in a peaceful way.

•Are close to separating but want to see if the relationship can be saved.

•Have lost the passion and the genuinity and are plodding straight ahead without love.

•Have forgotten to take care of the adult relationship because young children have taken so much time and energy.

•Feel that you don’t have anything left in common anymore, now that grown kids have left home.

•Think that the ”grass is greener” on the other side with another partner. One of you has met someone else!

•Have decided to get a divorce but want to do so as responsible adults, in a peaceful way.

•Are divorced and want to have a workable adult relationship for the sake of the children.

•Want to understand more about the interpersonal relationships from a neurological perspective.

•Have decided to ”live instead of survive” in all your relationships!

•Want to create memories for the future- memories that you, yourselves, choose.

•Want to understand how good communication works.

At the workshop, we highlight the following:

•Why the same things that attracted us to our partner, now drive us mad.

•Why it is so difficult to listen and tune in to another person’s world.

•What is a contingent and attuned dialog?

•Why we experience powerlessness.

•Why words often don’t help us to create connection with each other.

•How we can identify the ”hidden ghost” that often steers our relationships.

•How we can come to the root of a ”problem” and solve it.

•How we can change our behaviour from automatic reactions to conscious actions.

•Which tools we can use that will lead to connection and change.

•How we can meet our own and our partner’s needs with warmth and understanding.

•How we can learn to express our own needs in a loving way.

•How we can express our love and appreciation in a way that will touch our partner’s heart.

•How we can create happiness, passion, romance and intimacy.

•How we can experience joyful and spiritual moments in our relationship.

•How we can become each other’s best friend.

•How we can accept, reunite and forgive.

•How we can, if we choose to, divorce with understanding and empathy.

•How we can ”inspire to rewire”- be inspired to the NEW!

•How we can create memories for the future.

This is what other participants said:

•”I learnt more about my partner in three days than I have learnt in fifteen years!”

•”The workshop has been a real gift”

•”An event that we went into with trepidation became the most wonderfully coherent, personal and warm experience that we have had since we fell in love”.

•”One way for your innermost desires of your relationship to come true”.

•”An outstanding workshop that lead my wife and I to new experiences of each other”.

•”Recommended to all who usually fall into the trap of intellectualizing or psychologizing the problems in a relationship”.

•”A safe workshop with a wonderful toolbox to understand, heal and repair relationships”.

•”Marriage wellness course”.

•”Way better than traditional family counselling or couples therapy”.

•“A course in real communication”.

•“A wonderful way to really grasp: the mind, the brain and our relationships”.

Basic facts about Workshop Level 1

The workshop is divided into lectures, demonstrations and exercises, all done in a warm, safe and respectful environment.

Workshop Level 1 runs on a weekend from Friday to Sunday (Friday 18.00-21.30, Saturday 09.00- 19.30 and Sunday 08.30- to the latest 18.00). Participants are limited.

For workshop outside Sweden – contact the institute.

Fee for Workshop Level 1 per couple:

Private: 7.500 kronor (900 Euro) including moms (V.A.T.)

Company: 12.000 kronor (1500 Euro) excluding moms (V.A.T.)

The fee must be paid in on receipt of an invoice.

A registration fee of 1.250 kronor (140 Euro) sill is invoiced immediately and the remaining amount must be paid 4 weeks prior to the start of the workshop.

Registration is binding.

Accommodation and meals are not included. Participants are recommended to stay the weekend in the hotel hosting the workshop.


Couples workshop advanced- Level II

(Based on Eva Berlanders book: You Can Make it Happen; How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships)

Living instead of surviving in our relationships – Advanced

The advanced workshop is open to those who have attended the Level I workshop and would like to further develop their knowledge and create more opportunities for their own work.

At the workshop, which is held over one weekend, the process becomes more advanced through ”tuning in”, lectures and your own exercises. You are more focused on your own relationship and this is a very good alternative to private sessions.

We work with dialogues concerning appreciation, forgiveness, conflicts and the art of receiving. We are there to support and inspire you understand how you can become your own expert. Consciously rewire and create new brain pathways – toward integration, mental health and loving relationships.

We practice both the challenge and the joy of being differentiated and still linked in a communication of respect, love and integration.   

We learn how, with great ENTHUSIASM, ATTUNEMNT and PRESENCE, to cross the bridge to ourselves and to each other in order to create an earned safe attachment and integration.

The way we communicate – change our mind, our brain and our relationships. 

Fee for Workshop Level II -advanced per couple:

Private: 5.000  (600 Euro) including moms (V.A.T.)

Company: 8.000 (1100) exclusive moms (V.A.T.)

The fee must be paid on receipt of an invoice. Parts of the fee can be invoiced separately.

Food and accommodation is not included.

Workshops outside Sweden contact the institute for more information.


Individual Development in a group

(Based on Eva Berlanders book: You Can Make it Happen; How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships)

”From ME to WE”

We are living in an incredibly exciting time where new research in interpersonal neurobiology allows us to follow lit up pathways in the brain. Many researchers agree on the importance of relationships in development of the human mind and brain. Especially fascinating is the influence of closest relationships on the neuropsychological and neurobiological development of the brain and mind.

The course aims are:

•To increase our understanding of how our previous and present relationships influence us in life.

•To understand ME and We.

•To find ourselves again and connect with our essence.

•To understand interpersonal neurobiology IPNB

•To see the logic and context between then, now and our choices for the future.

•To develop and integrate new abilities that for some reason we have needed to put aside.

•To learn the tools for open, attuned and contingent communication.

•To understand the magnitude of how important it is for us to be able to ”be apart” so that we can ”be together”. That is to say we need to be differentiated and still linked to create safe and warm relationships.

•To learn to celebrate differences.

•To open and widen “ the window of tolerance”.

•To inspire us to choose a clear vision of our future.

•To help us create those memories we want for ourselves in the future.

We take a look at the following questions with curiosity:

•What is it that influences our choice of partner?

•Why is communication so hard sometimes and what is communication?

•How can we create great relationships without talking about it?

•How can we learn to recognize our own trampled ”pathway” and how these ”pathways” exist in our closest relationships?

•What responsibility do we have and how can we influence our own life situation?

•What are projections and what role do they play in our lives?

•How do we ”turn off ” and how do we ”cling”? (Hailstorm/tortoise)

•How can we ”live” instead of just ”survive” in our relationships?

•How can we through communication create integration, mental health and loving relationships?


One evening course every second week for 9 sessions or an intensive course.

Fee: Private 4000 kr (500 Euro) including. moms (V.A.T.)

        Company: 7000 kr (900 Euro) excluding. moms (V.A.T.)

There are also continuation courses in additional stages of advancement. A good grounding at entry level is the Workshop Level 1- ” Living instead of surviving - in our Relationships” which one attends with your partner or a close friend.

For workshops outside Sweden contact the institute.

Living instead of surviving as parents – The joy of being a parent! 

(Based on Eva Berlanders book: You Can Make it Happen; How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships,”  “Parenting from the inside out” by Dr. Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell, and Jesper Juul’s books on parenting. 

This course is for you who desires to become the best possible parent and who wants to continue to deepen your understanding of the human brain and mind. The contents of the course can be applied to all interpersonal relationships in our environment but our focus will be on those that are closest to our hearts - our children.

The weekend presents a model that creates an empathic dialogue within ourselves and while in contact with our children. A joyful adventure in love, responsibility, differentiation, connection, and integration.

The workshop runs on a weekend.

Structure: Lectures, demonstrations, and exercises.

This is what other participants have said:

•“So wonderful to meet and hear other parents tell about their experiences”.

•“Exciting to understand what lies behind my conflicts with my children. Now I can let go of my guilt and consciously be a better parent”.

•“This workshop should be offered at ALL child health clinics!”

•“An easily understandable course with lots of laughter and some liberating tears”.

•"Tremendously important and excellent course!”


Private: 3500 kr (450 Euro)/ person, or 5000 kr (650)/ couple

20% discount for those who have gone “A Journey into Intimacy, Level I” or “From ME to We”.

Company: 5000 kr (650 Euro) excluding moms (V.A.T.) / person

Limited places available.

Everything that is said during sessions is kept confidential.


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