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Lecture (2 ½ hour)

“Living Instead of Surviving - in our Relationships”

(Based on her book: You Can Make it Happen; How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships)

Are you inquisitive about yourself in relationships with other people? Do you really live – or just survive in your relationships? Can you listen and do you feel heard when communicating with others? Do you shout YEA, when you are trapped in the net of conflicts and problems?

Welcome to an evening full of laughter, new experiences, insights and new “brain pathways”.

Eva Berlander speaks with warmth and humour about how we all are wired for connection  and how we can teach ourselves gently, a new way of communicating that leads to loving relationships.

Having difficult relationships can be extremely painful. When she inspires us to celebrate our conflicts, she wants to motivate us to see our conflicts from a new perspective, so that we can find a way to rewire our brains, establish deep contact and experience real love.

This evening she inspires us with much warmth and empathy to take a look at our close relationships as well as ourselves. Using her unique presence she shows us how we can come to celebrate our conflicts and how we need to be apart to be able to come together.

Join us for an exciting evening where Eva guides us through a terrain of diversity, intimacy, interpersonal neurobiology and love!

Welcome on an adventure in intimacy!



Place: Scandic Sergel Plaza, Brunkebergstorg 9

Time: 18.30- 21.00

Price: 200kr


Place: Novotel, Klippan 1

Time: 18.30- 21.00

Price: 200kr

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