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”Hi Eva,

I want to express my SINCERE Thinks for your life-affirming lecture on ”Living instead of surviving”. It was the first time my husband and I had been to a lecture on relationships and we were both tense and nervous about what was going to happen.

What you spoke about was so alike our relationship that I now understand that we are not unique and alone…

For me, personally, I was so happy that you emphasized the importance of affirmation in a relationship, to see each other, to talk to each other kindly. It is something I have tried living but unfortunately not always succeeded. I am strongly affected when I don’t get the same feedback in return and find it difficult then, to maintain my happy mood.

I hope now, that after listening to your lecture, your advice will help us to be better at listening actively to each other and allow us to break those patterns that previously lead only to dead ends between us.

Thanks again for a fantastic lecture that gave me so many new insights about myself!”



”A wonderful, inspiring evening filled with hope and laughter. I am inspired to learn more”



”A lecture that everyone should listen to, irrespective of where one is in terms of a relationship. As a now-single person, I suddenly have a warm understanding for both myself and my ex partner!! Interesting, as you would say….Thanks!”



”What a kick! I was filled with enthusiasm and determination to create loving relationships in my life!”


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Tools for Relationships

”This evening I invited some friends of ours to a lecture on relationships. Eva Berlander from the Swedish Imago Relationship Institute held the talk. It was very informative and a wonderful experience!  Matt and I have attended some of her workshops. One was called ”Living instead of surviving – level 1” and the other, she held with Patricia Love, where they showed us the tools on how to use the differences between men and women to create closeness and intimacy in a relationship. It sounds so sad when one describes it in black and white but both experiences were so lively and encouraging. Can warmly recommend it!

Matt and I bought the first workshop as a tenth anniversary gift to ourselves and we even had some private sessions with Eva Berlander. From what I have experienced, Eva’s signature is her unique presence and her intuitive grasp over the course of events that happen in the therapy room. More than once, she managed to capture those important parts that we ourselves would have left behind.

A warm and genuine person with an amazing ability to see and connect with those that come to her, both in her courses and private sessions. Her right hand man, Elsa Gottfridsson, who is always so helpful and organized, is also a warm and genuine person. I have been to many courses, sat in many therapy rooms and have not yet met that form of genuinity and presence that I have found in these people. I personally believe that when people dare to expose themselves as people and not place themselves in a ”superior” position, connection happens and this is what happens with Eva in her therapy room, at workshops and even a quick ”hello” or ”goodbye”

If you want to treat yourselves as a couple, or as best friends or as parents and children, then I think you should take a look at what Eva at the Swedish Imago Relationship Institute can offer you. I want to say thanks too, to all those who joined us on the workshop- it was so much fun that you were there too. Matt is already talking about wanting to ask the other men /dads if they will join us for the next one. A great initiative, I thought.



”Craters and croats have got a whole new meaning. Thanks for a wonderful lecture!”




Living instead of surviving - in our Relationships– Level 1  (2 ½ day)

(Based on her book: You Can Make it Happen; How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships)

“A fabulous, bewildering weekend that I wish EVERYONE could experience, it was a beautiful and humbling life journey. You discover how many fantastic people surround you here on earth and how important it really is for people to be seen by their surroundings.

It feels like I have just been to the movies and seen the most wonderful romantic drama which made me both laugh and cry!!”



“A wonderful weekend that has made me want to take charge of my own life and be responsible for the person I am in my closest relationships!”


A finally adult woman!

“Thanks for all the great allegories and illustrations!”

“The workshop gave me the knowledge and inspiration for a more alive and happier relationship.”



“It was like opening a door to new dimensions in the relationship. Being conscious of how much we are influenced by our past was highlighted in such a way that I had long since wished for but never knew how to reach.”

“A wonderful journey with and within myself- a journey that opened up and showed me the way to my partner and my partner’s way to me. A journey that not only highlighted my open rooms but especially my closed ones, enabling me to start a new journey together with my partner or other important relationships. Simply put, a workshop in the art of living!!”

“Eva, you are wonderful! Everyone that has got to listen to you is privileged!! A huge Thank you!”

“If you want to learn how to communicate – go to this workshop!”


Comments from clients and participants (translated from Swedish)

Dear Eva, Elsa and Sven,

I want to give a warm thanks for the opportunity to participate in this past weekend. It was a fantastic weekend full of insight and love.

The concepts “separate in order to be together” and “build bridges to oneself and each other”- so simple, yet so necessary for a deeper connection to oneself and each other. This has given me a deep understanding and in the end, it is true presence and consciousness that counts. To be present and conscious with yourself and your fellow human beings.

This has given Eva-Lotta and me the opportunity to really see each for who we are and have this at our meeting point. Here and now, totally naked and vulnerable. Exactly as it should be.



- Peter, Hässleholm


I haven’t laughed AND cried so much and so well in a long time. We humans are amusing and amazing animals!

- Gunnel Thydell


Dear Eva,

I want to thank from my heart for your life-changing lecture “LIVE, instead of survive”.

This was the first time that my husband and I had been to a talk on relationships. We were both nervous about how it was going to be.

That in which you described is exactly how our relationship is, and I understand now that we are not at all unique or alone.

I was personally GLAD when you expressed how important it is to validate each other; to really see each other and speak kindly to each other. This is something that I try to live by but don’t always succeed in. I’m strongly affected if I don’t get the same response back and then have a difficult time keeping a positive mood.

I’m hoping that after attending your lecture we can put your advice to use and be better at actively listening to each other and try to break patterns that have led to difficult standstills.

Thanks again for a fantastic lecture. It gave me new insights about myself!

- Hopeful


A fantastic and inspiring evening full of hope and laughter. Thanks. I want to learn more.

- Klas


A lecture that everyone should hear, regardless of whether they are in a partner relationship. As a single person I suddenly feel a warm understanding for myself and my ex-partner.


- Encouraged and Hopeful


What a kick! I am filled with enthusiasm and determination to create loving relationships in my life!

- Göran


What others have said…


A few months ago I attended the workshop “A Journey into Intimacy”. Definitely money well spent and the best journey I’ve been on. It became clear to me what has gone wrong and now we are reaching new heights all the time. Our love for each other is growing and growing; there is no limit.

Unfortunately, we often wait way too long to fix our relationships. One doesn’t wait to repair one’s house until it’s falling down!

Heartfelt thanks!

- Magnus


Dear Eva, Sven & Elsa,

You should know that we both are exhilarated by everything we went through during the workshop. We both go around exclaiming, “That was the best workshop we have ever done!” and then we hug each other! Oh, I’m telling you! And our children are glowing! Strange, huh?!

Many, many thanks for all you’ve given.

Thanks for all the joy, wisdom, spontaneity and knowledge you shared.

- A Happy Couple

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