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Eva Brittain-Long Berlander

Eva Berlander is a couples therapist, licensed mental health professional (positive psychology), certified Imago Relationship therapist and workshop presenter. Eva is trained in Interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB).

Eva has more than twenty years’ experience and works both with individuals, couples and groups. Her specialty is to inspire and teach people how to cross the bridge to loving relationships.

She is a highly regarded and knowledgeable therapist with an all –    encompassing presence. Her enthusiasm, demeanor and solid knowledge create security, hope, laughter, awareness and integration in participants. She has a passionate interest in research of human relationships and constantly updates her knowledge. It is evident that her continuous work with her own close relationships is reflected in her work as a tutor, lecturer, author and therapist. She walks her talk!

Elsa Gottfridsson

Before becoming an Imago therapist, Elsa had 25 years of experience as a pre-school teacher within the state childcare system. In 2003 she completed her training as an Imago coach and in 2008 she completed her training as a counselor in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy. Elsa has completed work in family counseling with Jesper Juul and has been a workshop facilitator for Family-Lab.

Elsa works with couples, individuals and parents in therapy and coaching. She is also the Swedish Imago Institute’s administrator.

Human relationships have always been Elsa’s big interest. She has continuously tried to learn everything there is to know through books, lectures and continuing education programs. When she came into contact with Imago Relationship Therapy she knew right away that it could be fantastically integrated into the teacher’s and parent’s world. She then studied to become an Imago coach and then counselor.

Elsa lives together with her husband Peter and has three children. Now with Imago, they live in a more conscious relationship with a larger understanding of themselves and each other. They give each other room for development and have a warm and loving relationship. Together they trust that conflict can be understood and only leads them forward in their relationship.

“I want to inspire people to become curious about their past and how it affects their relationships. With warmth and curiosity I want to motivate people to see the logic in their behavior, to feel empathy for themselves and to slowly create new possibilities. My vision is for the world’s children to be surrounded by conscious, confident, responsible and loving adults”.

You are warmly welcomed to contact us here at the Swedish Imago Institute!

Sven Berlander

Sven is an engineer and runs his own company, Gleitmo Technik AB, with 13 employees. He is a warm, generous, humorous, honest and realistic “regular guy”. While Sven is not a therapist he has done some Imago therapist training. Since the year 2000 he has co-facilitated many, many workshops with his wife, Eva Berlander.

Eva and Sven have two sons and a dog, Kiwa. They themselves are on an adventure in intimacy. 

Together they teach you everything you need to know to have a great relationship with yourself and others!

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